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Commercial Office Cleaning Services In Cambridgeshire

All offices require regular cleaning to ensure a happy, safe and hygienic work environment and at Whitegate Cleaning Services we provide you with everything you need.

Our family run cleaning business based in Ely, Cambridgeshire has been well established since 1984 and have offered exceptionally high standards to all our clients ever since. We believe that office cleaning is not just about giving the surfaces a wipe down but thoroughly cleaning to ensure sparkling results.

Talk to us today about your expectations for office cleaning and we will make arrangements immediately to suit your needs.

Highly Experienced Staff

Our staff are all naturally neat and tidy people and have been trained to deliver the highest standards of cleanliness. They are quick and effective with their cleaning routine and certainly won’t get in the way of any business continuing around them. We also understand the importance of leaving unattended work as it is and will ensure that everything is replaced exactly as found.

Out Of Hours Service

We understand that in a busy office environment there is no room for other support staff so our cleaners will arrive outside your main hours if you wish. This ensures that you arrive at a clean office in the morning, every morning. We can also offer weekend cleaning services.

Safe Cleaning Agents

We believe that all cleaning agents should be 100% safe so you don’t need to worry about what could be on your office surfaces. All our cleaners use the same products that have been standard checked and are compliant with health and safety recommendations.

Health & Safety

Part of your office health and safety policy should be maintaining a clean and sanitary environment for all your staff. This means that every area from the toilets to the kitchen should have the same high standard of cleanliness. It also means that your office should be kept neat and tidy with clear paths to exits. Our cleaners can help you maintain your high standards without disturbing your work.

Give Whitegate Cleaning Services a call today on 01353 860106 and we will work with you to create a bespoke cleaning package for your office.

You can contact us today by calling us on 0800 6951711 or 01353 860106, and we will provide you with a free and instant quotation.

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