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What To Do Before Choosing A Carpet Cleaner

Before choosing a carpet, upholstery or hard floor cleaner do some research, some are just setting up with a cheap carpet cleaning machine and have no training, no insurance, no websites, others just don’t know what they are doing because they are not trained and call themselves professionals when they are not, check for websites, Google, Facebook, look at their reviews are they genuine, if someone says do not use this company, don’t use them just because they are cheap. It is not as easy as some people think to clean carpets and upholstery, there are different fabrics and fibres, some suites can only be dry cleaned and there are so many different carpets that are coming onto the market that have to be cleaned with different products, we update our training every year, how can an untrained person know how to clean them, are you willing to gamble for the sake of a few pounds less. It is not a badge of honour to be cheap it is a badge of honour to be trained and professional.

Ask yourself why are they so cheap, how can they make a profit if they are charging as little as £30.00 to clean a few rooms, think of the cost to clean your carpets, the cost of petrol, the cost of running a van, the cost of insurances and Tax, the cost of the products to be used, some are quite expensive, stain removers, tar removers, pre-sprays, the cleaning solutions, antibacterial sprays, dry cleaning solutions, all need to be used, ask what products are going to be used and the method, it is better to have a quality trained professional that charges a bit more than a cheap carpet cleaner that will leave the carpets still dirty and wet.

We have been called many times for advice when a customer has used a cheap unprofessional carpet cleaner and he has ruined their carpets, although we would love to help but the only advice we can give is to call the cleaner that you used and tell him to return to have a look at the carpet, we know that some of these unscrupulous people will probably not return and not take on the responsibility, but if we try to rectify his mistake the problem becomes our problem.

Your carpets and upholstery are very expensive items in your household, why would you allow an untrained, uninsured person, with unprofessional equipment into your home just because they are cheap is it really worth it.

A lot of professional carpet cleaners are going into other directions because cheap carpet cleaners are ruining their businesses, so if this continues all you will be left with is untrained cleaners and your carpets will need to be cleaned more often because they were not cleaned properly in the first place, so that will treble the cost to you anyway, please think twice about who you choose.

Call a carpet cleaner who is a member of TACCA (The Approved Carpet Cleaners Alliance) carpet cleaners can only join this organisation if they have the right equipment, training and are fully insured, please learn by others mistakes, remember the saying buy cheap buy twice.

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